MWW Package 2 of 3

Prepare yourself for behavior change, fat loss & habit formation. You'll receive a NEW challenge & new workouts every 4 weeks with instructional vids for each exercise + alternates(for any fitness level). 

If you have questions about fitness or your fitness plan then this is for you. Gain access to 24/7 support from a fitness professional(Matt). No question is too big or too small. The only "stupid" question is the one never asked. 



How will this be delivered?

through the Matt Lane Fitness app.  


What do I get with 4WFBSC + Text W/Trainer?  

✅ Access to Matt Lane Fitness app
✅ New challenge & workouts/4 weeks
✅ Instructional vids w/each exercise + alternates
✅ Daily to Do List(In App Calendar)
✅ Everyday Nutrition Guide ebook 
✅ MLFit Mental Fitness & Nutrition Education
✅ Track progress in the app: photos, measurements
✅ Earn social shareable milestone badges in the app
✅ MyFitnessPal & Smart device Integration
✅ Join 1 week prior for Prep Week
✅ First challenge: 6 resistance/1 stretch day per week
✅ Following challenges: 5 resistance/1 stretch/1 active rest day(ability to reschedule workouts to fit your life)
✅ Any fitness level
✅ No equipment required & optional: DBs & bands
✅ Behavior change, fat loss & habit formation

✅ Unlimited app messaging w/Matt
✅ Any questions your fitness plan
✅ Out to dinner? Don't know what to order? Text Matt
✅ 24/7 access to a fitness professional(Matt)

Charged every 4 weeks. Cancel at any time.  

Bought what?

You'll receive 2 emails that walk you through setting up the app. Then complete the next steps once in the MLFit App.

By purchasing you're agreeing to the terms of service and you agree to not hold Matthew Lane or Matt Lane Fitness, LLC responsible for any injuries, health complications and/or death you may experience from using any products and/or services from Always consult with you physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.