1 On 1 Online Coaching

⚫️ x2 45 min zoom calls/monthly
⚫️ collaborative custom calorie/macro settings
⚫️ nutrition coaching/accountability/monitoring
⚫️ full app access
⚫️ Text With Trainer 24/7 messaging
⚫️ random check ins
⚫️ progress tracking
⚫️ ENG book

⚫️ Everything in Basic +
⚫️ x4 45 min zoom calls/monthly total
⚫️ x2 15 min zoom calls/monthly total
⚫️ Recipes
⚫️ workouts

⚫️ Everything in Advanced +
⚫️ x4 45 min zoom calls/monthly total
⚫️ x4 15 min zoom calls/monthly total
⚫️ x1 grocery shopping call/monthly
⚫️ x1 meal prep call/monthly

Why is there a 12 week minimum?

This will depend entirely on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want progress. But your commitment is mandatory and for this level of intention 12 weeks is the minimum time requirement for custom programming. 

 How is 1 On 1 Online Coaching delivered?

Everything will be delivered through the Matt Lane Fitness app.  


What do I get with the 1 On 1 Online Coaching?  

  • Video Conference Consultation - the initial zoom call will be the consultation where we will narrow down the exact plan for your to accomplish your goals and the needed mental fitness aspects for your specific progress
  • Full Custom Fitness Assessment - you will input statistics about your body that paint the picture of your current physical state. 
  • Custom Monthly Exercise Plan w/Accountability - depending on your desired style of exercise, frequency and needed tweaks to accomplish your goal you will receive a monthly custom exercise plan.
  • Collaborative Individualized Meal Planning - Matt and you will collaborate and plan your meals from each zoom call to make sure you know exactly what you're doing to stay on top of your nutrition goals.
  • Collaborative Calorie/Macro Settings - Matt and you will collaborate, educate and establish your macro nutrient requirements to stay in line with full body transformation.
  • Nutrition Monitoring - you will be required to track your food through MyFitnessPal which is tied to the Matt Lane Fitness app which allows Matt to see exactly what you're eating and how much.
  • Mental Fitness Coaching - Matt is a Behavior Change Specialist and the goal will be to meet you where you are and deploy strategies and mindset techniques to keep you on the path to your goals. 
  • Monthly Progress Tracking - you will be required to upload photos, take body measurements, and compare these measurements to calculate your progress.
  • Text With Trainer w/Matt - if you have any questions or concerns Matt will be there inside the app 24/7 for you.
  • Zoom Calls w/Matt - we will discuss your progress, mental fitness, nutrition, training and recovery.
  • Accomplishment Badges - when you hit a milestone you'll receive a digital badge inside the app that you can share to social media
  • Daily To Do List On Your In App Calendar - each day will be laid out on your calendar for you with clear instructions on what you need to do to keep making progress
  • Everyday Nutrition Guide ebook written by Matt Lane Fitness - this interactive ebook is meant to give you a simple sustainable navigation for your everyday nutrition. This is NOT a customized meal plan. However the guide does include things like example meal plans, a macro breakdown food list, how to leverage psychology to eat the foods you want and still attain your fitness goals, an on the go Portion Control Guide and more. The guide covers the most important 5 pillars of Nutrition to accomplish your goals. 


Bought the Online Coaching....now what?  

You will receive 2 emails that will walk you through the steps of setting up the app. Next you need to complete the next steps once inside the Matt Lane Fitness app.

By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms of service and you are agreeing that if you miss 3 days total of training and/or nutrition tracking you can be ejected from the 1 On 1 Online Coaching. All sales are final and there will not be a refund.

By purchasing you agree to not hold Matthew Lane or Matt Lane Fitness, LLC responsible for any injuries, health complications and/or death you may experience as a result of using any products and/or services from MattLaneFitness.comYou should consult with you physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.